CRSD working to send deprived Child to Primary School in Pakistan

photograph-9This project focuses the primary education and socio-emotional growth of under-served children in Pakistan by providing school supplies, uniforms, scholarships, and social-skill building workshops and well-trained primary school teachers. In Pakistan, more than 6.5 million children are not enrolled in primary schools while another 2.7 million withdrawn from school at the lower-secondary level. This adds to the continuing high level of illiteracy in the country as evidenced by the literacy rate in the province of Sindh; last year, the literacy rate dropped by 4%, from 60% to 56%. Illiterate children face deep-rooted inequalities due to poverty and gender, leading to child labor. 

CRSD joins hand with Sindh Government and Corporate Sector for fund raising in our thematic focused area of Youth Capacity Building.

dsc00047In today’s competitive world it is necessary for the youth of Pakistan to compete in the job market. To upgrade the skills of students in job market the Center for Research and Social Development (CRSD) in sponsorship of Government of Sindh and Corporate sector initiated a program namely “Your Career Track”. It aims at establishing career counselling programs across lower- and middle-income educational institutes in Province of Sindh. The dual purpose of the project is to prepare students and new graduates entering the workforce for their careers as well as to build capacity within educational institutes for career guidance.

Centre for Research on Social Development (CRSD)

dsc_0429Centre for Research on Social Development (CRSD) is a non-profit, non-governmental Pakistan based development organization.   CRSD envisions the creation of a sustainable society based on mutual obligations & responsibilities and human respect & dignity.  It is mandated to strengthen the efforts for sustainable community development through its core intervention areas of Research, Development and Advocacy. All fields of human life are dependent on research for their very existence, development, sustainability, reliability, further improvement and refinement.