Our Objectives

Mission of the organization:

Strengthening the efforts for sustainable community development through research, advocacy, capacity building and service-delivery in intervention areas of education, health, Youth and community-uplifting

Objectives of CRSD:

Primary objectives of CRSD include but are not limited to the following:

  1. We elevate young people’s achievements with the largest, most effective range of youth services across our Country.
  2. We promote better understanding of the contemporary theories of sustainable development and facilitate the process of adopting effective models conducive to the socio-cultural and democratic rights of the society.
  3. To strengthen the role of NGOs and CBOs in participatory community development through capacity building of individuals and organizations in development related fields, including access of people and especially youth to resources of growth and its productive and sustainable utilization.
  4. We empower the poorer and marginalized communities through social and technical support for breaking the poverty trap and becoming active partners in national development.
  5. We enrich and update through its research and analytical work and other activities, the existing resource base of information related to various aspects of community development. CRSD also aims to bridge the gap between the development of ideas and their practical implementation.
  6. We serve the purpose of having a research resource centre containing updated information regarding research potential (individual, organization, material and training facilities) available at the local, national, regional and international level. Also, to keep a track of the ongoing developments in the field of social research and development.